Cater Fitness

“Sherry is a GREAT motivator! She has been just the perfect kick-in-the-booty that I've needed! Her workout plans are challenging, and I love having a home-workout too...I know just what I need to be doing when I'm at home. I also find it totally refreshing to go to a women's only fitness center! I would totally recommend Sherry to anyone looking to get in shape!”

Stacy DiGregorio
Happy customer

“As a middle-aged woman, with decades of pounds to erase, I have found that it isn't easy to find a trainer that fits my style and keeps me motivated. I admire Sherry's ability and desire to listen to me and adjust to fit my needs. I like knowing that I can ask her questions, and she will research and discuss options with my best interest in mind. Sherry has kept me motivated, and I am down a full dress size! I know in the months to come that I will achieve my goals. I know I'm responsible for doing the work that will get me to my goals, but it sure helps having a strong, educated, motivating confidant by my side.”

Vicki H.
Mid-Life Motivated

“Sherry is not kidding when she talks about individualizing a program. Take it from someone who has needed a lot of modifications due to an injury! She's upbeat and encouraging and you always leave a class feeling much better than when you got there...even at 6:15 in the morning!”

Margie Arthurs

“Sherry's enthusiasm for good health is contagious! Sherry's caring and compassionate attitude is one you will not find at the larger gym facilities. The classes are smaller so Sherry can make sure your form and execution are correct. I do not have enough good things to say about Sherry and her dedication to her clients--all who become her friends!! Sherry has shown me how proper exercise and good nutrition can change your attitude about life!! Thank you Sherry!!”

Melissa Behrens
Thankful Client

“I cannot say enough about Sherry Cater. She is deeply committed to her clients as she partners with them to meet their goals. I have recommended Cater Fitness' services to my own class participants as well as other women who are looking to improve their health. Her studio provides a warm, caring environment where her clients and students can feel comfortable while being challenged to reach their fitness goals.”

Kelly Quinn
Pilates Instructor and Registered Dietitian

“As a middle-aged woman with plenty of fitness issues (bad back, knees, etc) I truly appreciate Sherry's efforts every day to make sure that the workout I'm doing won't harm me in any way. My goal is always to be stronger without injuring myself in the process. Sherry is professional, concerned, caring, and thorough. I'm so glad she's part of my Good Health Team!”

Joan Izzo

“With the addition of strength training (personal training) to my cardio routine, I have seen improvements in just a few months! The distance I am able to run has increased by 3 miles. I have lost inches in my stomach, hips, and arms. I look more toned, and most importantly I feel better! I sleep better, have more energy, and my stress level is overall lower. The best part of personal training is that you do not have to plan on your own because Sherry will have your custom workout prepared, all you have to do is show up and work! I have taken advantage of her Nutritional Counseling as well and it really helps keep me on task. Sherry is a very motivational, kind, passionate person and I am thankful to have her with me during this health journey.”

Dr. Kristen Bobik
Balance Chiropractic and Wellness